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How to Set Up a Private Discord Server for Midjourney

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Midjourney is awesome, but using it is a pain in the ass. You have to join their Discord server, join one of their many rooms, with dozens of other people and scroll through all their prompts to find your pictures.

There's gotta be a better way!

The solution is to set up a private Discord server and install the Midjourney app.

You'll need 2 things: Discord and a Midjourney account.

Go to Discord and install the app.

Go to Midjourney and sign up for a paid account.

If you've never used Midjourney on Discord, then I'll give you a short intro. If you already know the basics, click here to skip ahead to learn how to make your own private server.

Here's how to start using Midjourney:

Join the Midjourney Discord server.

On the Midjourney homepage, click "Join the Beta" in the bottom corner.

Then click "accept Invite" to join their Discord server.

Now when you look at Discord you should see this little circle on the left. That's the Midjourney server.

Click it to enter the server.

When you first join a Discord server, you'll see a few popups asking you to prove you're a human. Read carefully and follow the instructions. It'll usually entail clicking a few boxes.

Once you're in, you join a "newcomer room" to start making images. Click any one of these rooms labeled "newbies".

To make images, go to the text window at the bottom, type "/imagine" and you'll see this pop up appear. Hit "enter" on your keyboard.

If you see this in the text window, you're ready to go. Make sure the flashing cursor is inside the bit that says "prompt", just like I have it in the picture.

No, Jeffjunk! Off to jail with you!

Write your prompt inside the box. I won't go into detail about how to make good prompts. There is plenty of information out there to get you started.

It will take a minute or two, but you'll eventually see something like this. These are your images.

The buttons below your pictures give you a few options. The "U" buttons allow you to upscale the pictures. The "V" buttons will give you variations of that image. The 1, 2, 3, 4 refer to which picture you want to upscale or get a variation of. The "recycle" button on the right will re-do the entire prompt.

If you click "U1", you will ask Midjourney to give you a high quality ("upscaled") version of the first image. Like this:

If you right-click the picture, you can download it.

If you click "V2", you'll get 4 variations of the second image.

Like this:

If you click the "recycle" button, you can get 4 brand new images using the same prompt.

Like this:

What you may notice in the big window is all the other prompts and images scrolling by. These are other people using Midjourney at the same time. They're a pain because you often have to scroll up and down, looking for your images in a sea of other people's stuff.

The solution is to start your own server where you can make prompts by yourself without having to search through everyone else's stuff.

Set up your own server and add the Midjourney app.

Click the "+" icon at the bottom of the list of servers.

Click "Create my own".

Click "For me and my friends".

Name it and click "Create".

You should have something that looks like this. This is your private Discord server.

At the bottom of this list of buttons is how you access the app store.

Click "Add your first app".

Click "Check it out".

And this is the app store.

In the search bar, search for Midjourney.

Click on the Midjourney Bot.

Click "Add to Server".

It will then ask for permission. Approve all permissions.

Your server should now look like this with the confirmation at the bottom.

Type "/imagine" to use the Midjourney app. You can use the app in your private server just like in the public server.

Now you don't have to wade through a sea of other people's stuff.

Beware though, your prompts still show up in one of the public Midjourney servers with your username attached to them. So be careful what you request because everybody can see what kinds of images you're making.

(That means you, Jeffjunk!)


Icons from Laisa Islam Ani at

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