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The following page outlines the OPWL Program Learning Goals and how I have applied them throughout my studies.

Needs Assessment

This was a project for OPWL 529 Needs Assessment. We performed a comprehensive data collection and analysis in order to better understand a laboratory's safety practices and recommend improvements.

Instructional Design

This was a project for OPWL 537 Instructional Design. Bukit Elephant Park is a humane elephant sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand. They wanted to improve their safety training for guests.

Learning Experience Design

This was a project for OPWL 547 Learning Experience Design. We created an onboarding experience for new managers in a fictional AI technology company.


Video Tutorial

This was a project for the e-learning class where I created a video tutorial for the world renowned College of Useless Knowledge.

Branching Scenario

In this project, for OPWL 532 and 551, I turn a sabotage booklet from 1944 into a branching scenario that covers delcarative and situated knowledge inspired by interactive novels.

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